The work of our service is supported by the following units issued by TVIP S-Box:


To be able to view the need to set up your device to work with the portal. To do this, follow a few simple steps below:

Push the button  Home  , to the left or to the right – go to section  Settings  and press   OK.

Further, in the left menu, click  TV   , and then click the right arrow remote area  Right.  In this menu, you need to in paragraph   Content Source  arrows choose  Web portal,   then click on  Customize Web Portal “

Select the field  URL of the portal.

We introduce a link to our portal:   and press  Enter

Further, in paragraph  portal available  must be selected   for the entire system , and in paragraph   API Type  select   MAG.

At the end click  Apply.

After that starts the download of our IPTV portal.

Setting the set-top box is finished. The next time the portal will be loaded automatically.