The work of our service is supported by the following units issued by Infomir: Mag200, Mag245, Mag250, Mag255, Mag254, Mag256, Mag257, Mag270, Mag275.AuraHD, + AuraHD, AuraHD international, AuraHD international second edition

To be able to view the need to set up your device to work with the portal. To do this, follow a few simple steps below:

Push the button  SET   or  (the SETUP ׁ ׁׁ)  , the buttons to the left, right or up, down – move on to the section   SERVERS  and click  OK.

Press the up or down – go to the section  PORTALS   and click  OK.

Use the up or move to the bottom line   PORTAL URL 1   and zhom button  HF  (keyboard). Remove everything that is written there and put this to our address –  , click on the button   SW  (which would remove the keyboard) and press the button   OK

Press the button  the EXIT   ׂ (2 times), then go to the tab   Restart portal   and click  OK .

Enjoy your view !!!! 

Any questions you can always ask our technical support, on line chatting online or writing to us at the email