The work of our service is supported by TV and BD-player Samsung SmartTV enabled issued from 2012 to 2014 (E, ES, F, FS, H, HS, HU). On models 2015 (J, JS, JU series) can be installed only if the firmware version is older than 1400.Ustanovka Widget can be done in two ways:

1. Use a USB flash drive:

Download Widget

Extract the  zip  archive widget KoronaTV in  a new folder.

Folder, copy the contents of a USB flash drive.

Insert a USB flash drive with a widget in off the TV, BD-player or home theater.

Turn on the device and sign in with  the SMART the HUB  .

Widget should appear in the list.

2. Through the synchronization server to the developer mode:

This installation method is different for models of different years of release. Below is a brief guide to each of the supported model years.

2012 – Series E, ES:


Press the button on the SMART HUBNazhmite the red button (A) for vhodaVpishite username: developParol will automatically

Click OK. You are in the Develop


Press «TOOLS», etc. at the bottom select “Settings”

In the next window select the last line of “Development” and click OK

Then go to “Settings Server IP-address” and enter the IP address of our service for the installation of

Click “User Application Synchronization”.

Set App’s and run the installation menu, press the red button “A” to exit the user profile Develop

Exit Smart HUB necessary, otherwise the application may not appear, and reenter.

2013 – Series F, FS:


Press button on a conventional remote Menu (Misc or button on the touchscreen, the arrows to the summing Menu button on the remote screen)

Select the menu item «Smart Functions”

Choose “Uch. Rec. Samsung “, choose” Enter “

Introduce “El.p.»: develop

Put a tick “Remember my password”

Press “Enter”

Exit the menu


Push the button «Smart Hub»

Select the “More Applications”

Select the “Options”

Choosing «IP Settings» menu item and enter the IP address of our service for the installation of

Select the item «Start App Sync» menu

If necessary, restart the TV

2014 – SERIES H, HS, HU: 


Open the TV menu

Select the item «Smart Hub», the “Accounts Samsung», then “Login”.

select “Login” from the menu.

In the window that opens, enter the username develop, password – not needed

Press Enter.


We go to the Smart Hub, are in for any application

Press the center console cross button and hold it until the pop-up menu.

In the menu that appears, select: IP Setting, further input window appears, enter the IP address of our service for the installation of

Again holding the same button – once again brings up the menu and select the item synchronization Start User App Sync.

Next appears a request for user applications from the server and they will be installed.

2015 firmware is not above 1400 – Series J, JS, JU:

On devices with the models below J5500 – installation is performed for H-Series (2014)

On devices with J5500 models and higher with firmware version above 1400 – installation should be carried out using our DNS for Tizen platform


Cooking USB-Flash drive format the partition in FAT32.

After successful formatting, create a folder in the folder userwidget

Download widget to the folder

USB-Flash ready, it remains to connect it to the TV.

After connecting a USB-Flash, Smart TV section to be opened on your TV, your TV will determine the USB-Flash and automatically start to install the application, you can watch the top of the screen widget installation progress.

After successfully installing the widget, go to My APP and you select your installed application.

Tizen: Installing using our server DNS:

Ustanovlevaem RedbullTV, or Russian music, Karaoke, Pluto TV.

We go on TV, go to Settings / Network / Network DNS state / change on 

Remember, we leave, to restart the application and enjoy)) 

Tizen: Installation with help of a PC and the installation program:

PC which is installing the widget and TV must be connected to the same home network.

Download the archive with the program installer (DOWNLOAD), or self-extract program archive installation (DOWNLOAD)

Turning off at the time of firewalls and firewall on your PC which may block the network connection.

Unpack the archive on the hard disk of your PC, self-extracting archive of the default unzip the file to the directory c:KoronaTVTizenInstall

We find in the folder where you extracted the contents of the archive to install KoronaTVTizenInstall.exe, file,
click the right mouse button and select “Run as administrator”. If you are using a self-extracting archive – the program will start automatically after extracting.

Next, follow the instructions given in the installer window.

After the end of the installation process, it is desirable to restart the TV on Nutrition (Turn off from the socket, press on the remote repeatedly POWER button, plug it in and turn on the POWER button as usual with the remote)

If done correctly – that in SmartHub in MyAPPS section must be present KORONATVIPTV widget, which you can fix to the main screen in the ribbon widgets

Do not forget to include the firewall again and firewalls disabled at the beginning of installation

ATTENTION!!! Installation via a PC and the installer program on the TV series J (2015), with models J5500 or higher and firmware versions above 1400 is possible, but after a reboot the TV removes all installed widgets so. Therefore,

for such TV use only run through our DNS server.

For “advanced” users who are able and willing to self-install the widget in developer mode through Tizen Studio: Just the widget itself can download  here. What to do with it – you know. Who knows – does not suffer and go through the DNS spoofing or install from your computer.